How to Avoid Burnout From Working or Learning from Home

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Working and learning from home may have its perks whether it is not having to commute to the office or school or having more time to do other things. However, the lines between your work/school and personal life has become blurrier than ever. Unfortunately, many of us may be feeling exhausted or burnt out from either overworking, not being able to see friends and family in person or perhaps a combination of both. We at XYZ Storage understand the struggle of working or learning from home so we want to help you with some tips.

Clutter Free

Physical and mental clutter can heavily affect your mental well-being without you even noticing it sometimes. Do you ever feel overwhelmed and not at peace when you are at home because your place is an absolute mess? Decluttering can help get you to that peaceful state and put your mind at ease. Try your best to keep your workspace as organized and clean as possible. You can accomplish this by either spending the beginning part of your day or end of your day doing a quick clean up. Decluttering mental clutter is also very important in releasing some of the stress you might be feeling. For example, write down your thoughts instead of constantly keeping a mental checklist.

Plenty of Breaks

Remind yourself how important it is to take breaks throughout the day. For example, take some time and step away from your work computer to grab some lunch or go for a walk outside. The same goes for any students out there finishing up their final exams. Studying can be physically and mentally exhausting especially when you are doing it for hours at a time. Do not forget to get up, stretch, grab some water, and go for a walk. Taking breaks can help you in-turn be more productive throughout your day.

Meditate and Exercise

Taking time for yourself is important whether it be five minutes a day or thirty minutes a day. Our lives are already filled with many tasks to accomplish for work or school or even for your children. Meditating is a helpful practice to enhance your well-being. It is something that you can dedicate five or ten minutes of your morning or right before you go to bed. However, if you are feeling stressed and meditation doesn’t work for you there are other ways. For instance, going for a quick jog in the morning or walking up and down the stairs. Remember to take care of yourself and put yourself first sometimes.

Set Goals

Setting goals can help you keep track of everything you want to accomplish throughout the day. A goal can be a small commitment to yourself. This could be anything to choosing to wake up five minutes earlier before work to meditate or walk to the grocery store if you have one nearby instead of driving.


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published: 24 April 2021