How to Keep Your Storage Unit Clean

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How long has it been since you have visited your self-storage unit? Self-storage can provide homeowners, renters, or business owners a temporary storage solution their belongings, however, for some people it can provide a longer, more permanent storage solution. If the latter is the case for you perhaps it might be time to visit your belongings. At XYZ Storage, we understand that life can get in the way so we want to help you by providing some helpful tips on how to maintain your storage unit in the long run. Your future self and belongings will thank you for keeping it clean and well-maintained!


Before you get started on any task you want to ensure you are mentally prepared and have the time set aside to tackle cleaning your storage unit. Knowing what you have stored in your storage unit and even better having an inventory list of all of your belongings can be extremely useful in breaking down what you need to clean and how long it may take you.

Dust, Wipe Down and Use Furniture Covers

Be prepared to dust your belongings! Dust can accumulate over time and will require you to dust every so often to help maintain the state of your belongings. It’s a good idea to clean and wipe down your belongings before placing them in storage to save yourself trouble later. You can also purchase and cover your couches and tables with a furniture cover to protect them from dust and scratches over time.


Similar to decluttering your belongings at home, decluttering your belongings in your self-storage unit can help maintain a storage unit with belongings you want to keep. For instance, if you have not touched or gone through your storage unit in 10 years there may be items that you no longer wish to keep or find yourself resonating with anymore. A perfect example is you may find clothes that you forgot you even stored and want to sell for extra money or donate to others who could have a better use for them. You’ll never know until you take the time to explore your storage unit and decide whether an item is something you want to continue storing or officially part ways with.

List of Belongings to Avoid Storing

There is a long list of items you definitely can store in your storage unit, however, there are a few items you can not store. For example, if you store perishable food items such as meats, vegetables, and cooked foods you will end up stinking up your storage unit and the rest of your belongings in it. It’s one extra step you can take to ensure your storage unit is kept clean in the future. For the full list check out our blog post What Can’t You Store in Your Storage Unit

Haven’t visited your belongings in months or years? Have questions when it comes to maintaining your storage unit? Please feel free to stop by your storage unit today, and our self-storage experts would be more than happy to answer any of the questions you may have. Don’t own a storage unit, but are interested in renting one to store your belongings? We have self-storage facilities across the Toronto area for your convenience and accessibility with units at affordable prices. Happy cleaning! 


published: 1 March 2022