What Can’t You Store in Your Storage Unit?

Young Asian couple packing their belonging into cardboard box by using a check list before moving to new resident or house after buy or rent a new one.

Most of the time people who decide to rent a storage unit already have an idea of what they want to store in it. You can store just about anything from your home furniture to your holiday decorations that you do not have the room for at home. Renting a storage unit can be the perfect solution to the lack of storage space in your bedroom closet or in your basement. It is always a good idea to also take note of what you are not allowed to store in your storage unit. We thought it would be helpful to give you a list of the restrictions that you should keep in mind when thinking about what you want to store in your unit. Here is a shortlist of some of the restrictions below:

Perishable Food Items

These are items that should be avoided at all costs such as any meat, dairy, fruits, vegetables, and cooked foods. These are the items that should be kept and stored in your home whether it is in the refrigerator or pantry. You want to avoid having any food items in your storage unit that will spoil and end up stinking up your storage unit! Unfortunately, if you store any perishable food items this could also attract insects and pests such as mice. We’re sure you want to avoid having an insect infestation in your unit!

Anything Living

Do not store anything that is living including pets, insects, plants, and people (you most definitely cannot live in your storage unit).

Hazardous or Flammable

Do not store anything that is hazardous or flammable including fertilizer, gasoline, fireworks, lighter fluid, cleaning products, and other dangerous substances. 

Anything Illegal

If you have to be secretive about it so that no one finds out then chances are you should definitely not be storing it in your storage unit. This can include any weapons, firearms, and drugs.

All of the above can help you avoid any mold, mildew, and other dangerous situations that could occur in your rental storage unit. When deciding whether or not to store something in your storage unit you should also consider how safe the storage unit is as well as how comfortable you would be storing your valuables such as expensive jewelry in there. At XYZ Storage, we have advanced security in place to provide safe and secure storage solutions for you.

If you are interested in learning about some of the top items you can store in your storage unit, check out our last week’s blog post on What Can You Store in a Storage Unit. Remember, if you have any questions about what you can or cannot store in your self-storage unit you can always stop by one of our self-storage facilities and ask one of our storage experts. We at XYZ Storage would be more than happy to provide you help and guidance throughout the storage process!


published: 6 November 2020