How to Store Away a Christmas Tree?

With kicking off the New Year and getting back into the groove of things whether that is getting back into the school routine with your kids, meal prepping and planning, or creating a more well-balanced lifestyle for yourself. The start of the New Year is also the time of year to take down all of the holiday decor, including the Christmas Tree. You may see your neighbours spending the time taking down all of their holiday decor, however, if you have not done so already and are trying to soak up the last little bit of the holidays, do not worry! We at XYZ Storage want to help you with helpful tips on the best ways to put your Christmas tree in storage so it is ready for you to take out for all of the holiday seasons ahead.

The Importance of Proper Christmas Tree Storage

An artificial Christmas tree is an investment that yourself and your loved ones make and can be a part of a holiday tradition to set up every year. It is important to take care of that Christmas tree throughout the year to ensure that it is in good condition to put up and decorate for all of the years worth of holidays. If your artificial Christmas tree has sentimental value to you and your family, then it is even more important to keep it in peak condition; so you do not have to spend the money purchasing a new one every year. Properly storing your artificial Christmas tree could give you up to 10 years without buying a new one and extend the tree’s life. Talk about money and time savings! The benefits definitely can outweigh the costs in the long run. Here we provide you with some steps on how to store away Christmas tree:

Step 1: Remove All Christmas Decorations

The first step is to remove all the decorations on your tree. Removing all your decorations on your tree, including the lights, the tree topper, and the ornaments. It can be time-consuming, and it certainly is not the funniest part, as we are sure you’re more joyful decorating the tree instead. Completing this step will help keep your ornaments safe and prevent them from being crushed in storage. Bubble wrap will be your best friend to help protect your ornaments and other decorations. You can carefully wrap your ornaments that are considered fragile and place them in a cardboard box or storage container for next time. Here are a few hacks for storing your holiday decorations in proper storage:

  1. Using clear storage containers or bags
  2. Using egg cartons to store your ornaments
  3. Using clothing bags to store your wrapping paper rolls
  4. Using clothes hangers to wrap your lights

Are you interested in learning more about these holiday decoration hacks? Check out our blog post: 5 Holiday Storage Hacks You Should Know.

Step 2: Clean

The next step is to clean your artificial Christmas Tree before placing it in any type of storage. Similarly to most belongings, including clothes or furniture, before you store it away it would be best to clean to remove any dust that may have accumulated over the time it was in storage or on display in your home. You can do this by taking a cloth and wiping down the tree branches with or without water. Another way to clean artificial trees is to use a spray bottle with some water. Once you finish cleaning, let it dry before it is stored away. You will be pleasantly surprised when you take out your artificial Christmas tree the next holiday season to find out how clean it already is.

Step 3: Disassembling and Packing Away Your Artificial Christmas Tree 

Packing your Christmas tree away could be as easy as stuffing it into its original box or bag and pulling it out next year. However, if you want to ensure that it will last for years to come then properly storing it is essential. You should start by compressing the branches of each section of your tree and then secure it with a ribbon to keep it all together. Once you have disassembled the tree sections you must figure out what to store it in and whether to do so vertically or horizontally. However, if you do not wish to take apart your Christmas tree we suggest storing your artificial Christmas trees in upright tree bags.

Cardboard Box or Bag?

Storing your Christmas tree in the original box or bag can let in moisture or even mice. Hence, damaging your artificial tree. Therefore, investing in a tree bag would be ideal as long as it properly fits your tree both its height and width. You want to ensure you properly measure your tree so that whatever bag you choose does not damage it when stored. If needed purchase an oversized bag to ensure proper storage and the branches do not get crushed in the storage bag. There are many different types of storage bags to choose from including ones with handles or wheels for easy transportation and ones that can be used to store trees vertically or horizontally. Picking a storage bag with the proper material could also make a world of difference for your Christmas tree. Whether it is a thick material or inexpensive can determine its durability long-term. You want to choose a bag that is water resistant so that your Christmas tree does not suffer from moisture or any sort of water damage while in storage.

Vertically or Horizontally?

Storing your Christmas tree vertically or horizontally depends on how much storage space you have whether you plan on storing it in the basement, garage, attic, or in a climate-controlled self-storage unit. It all goes back to what kind of storage bag you are planning on investing in. There are several different kinds of bags that are meant for stacking and vertical storage or for laying it flat horizontally. For example, you could purchase an upright storage bag to store your artificial tree upright to keep it in good shape for next season. Either way would work and it really depends on the bag you get, whether it is a small or large tree, and how much storage space you have available.

Step 4: Where to Store Your Christmas Tree?

We suggest you store Christmas trees in storage bags and placing it in a cool and dry place would be ideal to prevent any moisture and the creation of a musty smell. Perhaps if you stored your tree in a cardboard box in your garage you may have noticed moisture accumulated during the off season. However, if you plan on storing your Christmas trees and Christmas decor in your basement or garage it might be a good idea to reconsider and store it in a temperature-controlled space. This will help your tree last much longer and it will be in better condition when you take it out next year. Looking into self-storage facilities that offer climate-controlled units can be beneficial in keeping your Christmas tree whether pre lit or not and other belongings safe preventing any damage. Storing your holiday decorations can be placed neatly in your garage, attic, or basement. However, if you have no space to store your decor then consider placing it away in storage along with your Christmas tree. The same goes for any of your other belongings you lack the space for in your home. If you pack your faux tree properly then it can make for an easy transport and ready for you to store. However, before placing anything into a storage unit make sure that you label all of your boxes, bags, and containers. This will be extremely useful when you are looking to take anything out of your unit during your next visit for easy identification as well as making it easily accessible. If you clean, pack away, and store your Christmas tree, then chances are there is no need to have to visit your unit throughout the year to ensure it is in good condition. The next time you pull out your artificial tree can be for when the holidays roll around again.

Decluttering Your Holiday Decorations

If you are already decluttering your physical space to give yourself a fresh start to the New Year you can also do the same for your holiday decor to help you free up space in your home and won’t have to place these items in storage again. You can take this time while you put your Christmas tree away to declutter decorations that you do not want to keep for the next holiday season. For example, if you have a broken ornament or light you can throw it away or would like to donate any extra ornaments that you no longer wish to keep. This also means less boxes, bags, and other items to store if you have a small space.

How XYZ Storage Can Help

At XYZ Storage, all of our self-storage facilities are climate controlled with self-storage units that can prevent temperature change. Hence, storing your Christmas tree and other decorations in ideal condition. You can choose from the variety of rental units and storage options we have available for short or long term storage. Whether that is a compact unit, a medium-sized unit, or a larger unit for your other decor or more of your belongings. All of our units are competitively priced and affordable for your storage needs. We are more than happy to help you find the ideal storage solution for your seasonal needs and more. Feel free to visit any one of our Toronto and GTA self-storage facilities if you have any questions or concerns we are here to help you find the storage solutions you are looking for and ease the storage process for you. Happy packing from all of us at XYZ Storage!


published: 2 February 2023