frequently asked questions about Toronto Downtown self storage

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Renting a self-storage unit can be an overwhelming experience, especially for the first time. At XYZ Storage, we aim to make the process seamless and stress-free. Check out our most frequently asked questions about our Toronto Downtown self-storage. Still, have more questions? Feel free to visit our self-storage location and our storage experts would be more than happy to help answer any questions or concerns about renting with us.

Q1. How much does a storage unit cost in Downtown Toronto?

Our XYZ Storage Downtown Toronto self-storage location offers competitive pricing against our competition in the area. A self-storage unit price depends on a few factors including; location, size, and demand. A small-sized unit will differ from renting a large-sized unit. Our Downtown Toronto location provides the added value of our all-around exceptional customer service, truck rental availability, and many more amenities.

Q2. Should I rent climate-controlled storage in Downtown Toronto?

Yes! A climate-controlled storage unit is beneficial for many reasons, including preventing any long-term damage due to the change in temperature and humidity by adding protection to your beloved belongings. This is important if you plan on storing temperature-sensitive items such as media and electronics, furniture, musical instruments, wine, artwork, photographs, or medications and medical supplies. Our Downtown Toronto self-storage facility is climate controlled to help protect your belongings from potential damage while in storage.

Q3. What is the advantage of storage with drive-up access?

Drive-up access gives renters the ability to drive up directly to their unit, off-load and unload their belongings, and drive out of the building. It will provide you the ease of access and convenience for those moving in or out of their belongings regardless of the weather and temperature outside.

Q4. What are the hours of access at the Downtown Toronto location?

Our Downtown Toronto self-storage facility is open Monday through Friday from 9 am to 7 pm EST and Saturday and Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm EST. You can visit your self-storage unit and use our facilities between these hours.

Q5. How are payments made for self-storage units at the Downtown Toronto location?

At our Downtown Toronto location, we are flexible with how you can make payments for your self-storage unit and allow you to choose which is most convenient for you.

  1. Make payments online through our website from the comfort of your own home
  2. Visit our self-storage facility and pay by credit card or cash
  3. Set up auto-pay through our online portal and you’ll be charged for your unit on a monthly basis with your credit card

Q6. Do I have 24 access to my storage unit?

24/7 access is available at this self-storage location. Please put a request in with our storage experts at our Downtown Toronto location, and it will be looked at on a case-by-case basis.

Q7. Do I need to bring my own lock for my unit at the Downtown Toronto location? If yes, what type of lock?

We ask that you bring your lock for your self-storage unit; however, if you forget to bring your own, you can purchase one at our Downtown Toronto self-storage facility. Any type of lock will work as long as you feel confident it will keep your belongings locked and secured.

Q8. How do I find my self-storage unit at the Downtown Toronto location?

During your first visit to the Downtown Toronto self-storage location, please talk to one of our self-storage experts to verify your ID and credit card. You will then be provided with your access code and shown where your self-storage unit is located within your facility. After your first visit, if you are having trouble locating your unit you can always ask our staff to assist you or use the maps at our elevators.

Q9. What is my gate access code?

This code will be given at the start of your rental process. If you forgot, you can call us or come to the front desk at the Downtown Toronto facility, and our staff will be more than happy to help you out.

Q10. Where do I park when visiting the Downtown Toronto location?

There is a parking lot where customers can park while visiting their self-storage unit and/or speaking with our storage experts.

Q11. Why is the price different on my lease agreement? I thought I was getting a promotion!

The price on your lease is the price of the unit without any promotions. Promotions may be temporarily added to your account for a duration of time. For example, you may receive a discount on your first full month of rent, but for the remaining months of your rental after the first month, you will be charged the lease price of your rental.

Q12. There are multiple prices for the same locker size at different facilities. Why are some more expensive than others? That locker is the same size. Why is it less expensive?

The pricing of a self-storage unit depends on the location of the self-storage facility, demand, and the size of the storage unit.