New Year’s Resolution: Organizing Your Life

Cropped shot of technology and a notebook on a desk in an empty home office during the day

We made it to 2021! Every year a lot of us start the year off with a handful of new year’s resolutions. However, sticking to them can be the tough part and like the year before some of them happen to get broken sooner rather than later. A big one you may have for yourself is – organizing your life! This may seem like a hefty goal to accomplish; however, we have a few ways to help you get yourself started.

Before you get started with anything, it is important to do some self-reflection. It will help you figure out what you should and need to be doing moving forward. For example, you may be struggling with balancing your work life and your personal life. This will allow you to reflect on where you were last year, what worked for you and what didn’t, as well as what you want to change moving forward.

Ways to Organize Your Life

To-do Lists and Prioritize

You can never go wrong with having a to-do list or any written form of organizing your day. Write down anything and everything that you need to get accomplished that day. If that doesn’t work for you – write out your day the night before. This way you can go to sleep with some peace of mind knowing you have a plan or routine set as soon as you wake up. While you do that also keep in mind which tasks are urgent and have a higher importance than others.

Meal Prepping

Meal prepping is when you prepare your meals beforehand which includes deciding what your meals will entail and therefore, purchase ingredients based on the meals you planned out. It can get complicated when you are responsible for multiple members of your household and feeding their mouths. Try your best to be mindful of what you are purchasing and how much you are purchasing.

  1. List out your meals for the week including portions
  2. What ingredients will you need based on the portions
  3. Cook meals ahead of time whenever possible

Cleaning Routine

A cleaning routine is important to maintaining a clean household. Some habits you could create for yourself:

  •   Making your bed every morning
  •   Cleaning up while you cook
  •   Putting items back to their dedicated place
  •   Picking a dedicated day to do laundry

The point is to create a cleaning routine that works for you and your family. Whenever possible, get your family to join in and help lessen the load off of you.


Where are you spending your money? Look back to your 2020 finances and see where you spent your money and which areas of your life you want to cut back on. Start an excel document and list out all of the categories of your spending. For example, rent/mortgage, groceries, entertainment, and etc. Be mindful of your income and what you can and cannot afford and make note of that.


A fresh start! 2021 is a fresh start and a way for you to help yourself get a fresh start is to declutter. Declutter your mental state, physical surroundings, and digital platforms.

Mental Clutter

  •   Journaling
  •   To-do lists
  •   Tackle tasks that are heavily weighing on your mind

Physical Clutter

  •   To keep, donate, sell, or throw away
  •   Declutter at your own pace
  •   Changing your daily habits

Digital Clutter

  •   Organize your documents/folders
  •   Clear out your email inbox – unsubscribe from emails, delete, and respond
  •   Limit screen time/social media and turn off notifications

Self-Storage Can Help You

Self-storage can help you get one or multiple areas of your life organized. It can help you with the following:

  •   A major life event such as moving, divorce or separation from a significant other, or downsizing
  •   Storing your inventory for your business needs
  •   Temporarily storing your vehicle due to lack of driveway space
  •   Serve as an additional storage space for any of your personal belongings

It can help you stay more organized and serve as a beneficial aid in getting your life in order.

Thank you for your support in 2020! To all our customers we look forward to continuing to serve as a home for your belongings. At XYZ Storage, we understand that your life is big, and we are here to help you make space for it. We hope that you decide to make one of our self-storage facilities the home for your belongings even if it is just temporarily!


published: 8 January 2021