Selling Your Home in the Fall

Retro wooden coffee table in front of grey couch in classy living room interior

Selling your home during the fall season, let alone amidst a global pandemic, can be a challenge. Open houses are no longer the norm due to the challenge of COVID-19. Unfortunately, you may no longer be able to use the smell of baking a pumpkin pie or lighting a pumpkin spice candle to make your house seem cozier. However, thanks to technology, people are now able to host virtual viewings of their homes to showcase to potential buyers. So don’t worry, people may still be able to see all of your fall season decorations! Here are some tips to help you sell your house:

Virtual Showings and Tonnes of Photos

Amidst COVID-19 potential buyers may not feel entirely comfortable attending an in-person viewing, so take advantage of the ability to showcase your house virtually! This will not only make you feel a whole lot safer about selling your house during these difficult times, but it will also make potential buyers feel safer as well. Photos and videos also will help a tonne especially for those that are looking into buying their “forever home” or even for investment purposes. Potential buyers want to have access to as many photos and videos as possible to see if this is an investment they want to make.

Staging Your Home

Staging your home can be the perfect opportunity to allow potential buyers to see how much potential your home has and to allow them to picture themselves living in your house. When it comes to staging your home this could mean removing all of your furniture and hiring a professional to stage your home with decor and other furniture pieces that would highlight your home’s best features. For more information on staging your home, check out our past blog post on How to Stage the Perfect Home.

Fall Decorations

Decorating your home may be a seasonal passion of yours, but it is especially important when showcasing your home. This could include more aesthetically pleasing pumpkins on the fireplace along with well-lit candles. Add some warm throw blankets on the couch or some fall colours to the kitchen. Potential buyers would love to see your home as tidy as possible and that includes the outside of it as well. Go ahead and set up those pumpkins on your front porch, but remember not to go overboard with the festive decorations! You also want to keep everything tidy and clean up the front lawn whether that is raking the leaves for photos or for a private showing. You may also want to consider repainting the garage if that is something that has not been redone in over the last few years. 


Continuously declutter your home! Decluttering your home is essential to selling your home. You want to make your house seem as minimalistic and depersonalized as possible. You want potential buyers to see themselves living in your house or see it as an exceptional investment opportunity. The last thing they want to see is your cluttered closets full of your junk or your nicely finished basement stacked with boxes. If possible, take the time to sort through all of your belongings and get everything in order before showcasing that beautiful home of yours!


Need a place to store all of that clutter? Self-storage or even mobile storage may be the ideal solution for all of your storage needs. At XYZ Storage, we understand the struggle of selling your home, especially during these difficult and challenging times. We offer a tonne of customizable storage solutions for you if you are looking to renovate, stage, or move out of your current home. Please feel free to stop by one of our several self-storage facilities or give us a call about how we can help you. If you are planning on selling your home this upcoming winter instead, check out our blog post Selling Your Home in the Winter for some helpful tips on how to do so. We understand your life is big, and we are here to help you make space for it!


published: 23 October 2020