Part One: Fall Cleaning Tips and Tricks

What a beautiful time of the year! However, along with all of the wonderful things about fall also comes the chores that happen around the house this time of the year. We at XYZ Storage want to help you make this time of the year as enjoyable yet productive as possible so you spend more time with friends and family. We have come up with the ultimate guide for your fall cleaning, storage, and organization of the inside of your home. 

Blankets and Bedding

How often do you find yourself throwing your blankets and bedding in the washer? Blankets should be washed as often as every few weeks depending on the usage. However, your bedding should be washed every week or possibly every other week. This is to ensure that you have fresh and clean smelling sheets throughout the fall season and really every other season.

Deep Cleaning the Bathrooms and Kitchen

Grab your bathroom cleaning supplies and get scrubbing in all of your bathrooms. This is something that should be a part of your weekly cleaning routine, however, if you haven’t deep cleaned your bathroom now is the time to do it. The same goes for your kitchen appliances and cleaning out your refrigerator and pantry. For example, take this time to throw away any expired foods and scrub down your refrigerator and cabinets. 

Vacuum and Dusting

You want to make sure that you are covering all areas of your home including dusting window sills that have not been cleaned in years. Vacuuming under rugs that you have not lifted up in months as well as under all of your couches.

Don’t Forget About Your Door Handles and Light Switches

Make sure to disinfect and clean most commonly touched items and surfaces including handles and light switches.

Making the Transition From Summer to Fall Clothes

Time to organize your closet and pull out all of your fall and winter clothes. Switch up your tank tops and t-shirts for warm comfy sweaters! Looking for tips on how to organize your closet for the fall season? Check out our blog post on Organizing Your Closet for the Fall Season for more tips and tricks to help you in this area.

Fall Storage

Why invest in a self-storage unit for all of your fall storage needs?

  • Space to store all of your bags or boxes of summer clothes that you do not have space for in your home
  • A place to store your summer gardening supplies and equipment which are belongings you likely do not need until the following year
  • Perfect for storing patio furniture including your tables and chairs

XYZ Storage has customizable self-storage solutions that are affordable and easily accessible for all of your fall storage needs. We have self-storage locations across Toronto so please feel free to stop by and one of our storage experts will be more than happy to assist you!

From all of us at XYZ Storage, we hope you and your loved ones are enjoying the fall season! Looking for fall-related activities to do with your significant other, friends, or family? Check out our last blog post to find out Our Top 5 Favourite Fall Activities. We guarantee you will find something to enjoy this fall season!

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published: 17 November 2021